Hāna's Community Farm​

"Mahele" - to share, divide, apportion equally
Our mission is to operate a productive community farm that serves as an educational, sustainable, and healthy food resource for the isolated Hāna, Maui region.

How We Started...

The farm started in 2010 as a collaboration between Kahanu Garden (National Tropical Botanical Garden), Ma Ka Hana Ka ʻIke (Hāna School's building and construction program helping at-risk youth grow real life skills and job training), and Hāna School's Agricultural program. 


Our goals...


  •  "Ma Ka Hana Ka `Ike" means, "in working, one learns. We use this lesson as a guide during farm work and educational activities

  • Engage our community, from keiki to kupuna, to farm together

  • Perpetuate the Hawaiian tradition of mahele with abundant harvests

  • Positively impact the eating patterns of our community in the present and long term by putting healthy food on our tables

  • Maintain the agrarian continuity of our community by using the wisdom or our past in creating our future

  • Perpetuate a rural, self-sufficient lifestyle

  • Put good agriculture land to good agricultural use

  • Foster a fun, social environment for our community to participate